Victoria Jane Childs BA MA (Psychoanalysis)

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Counselling

Dip. Psychotherapy and Hypnosis 
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Counselling 


 ...the human psyche, like human bones, is strongly inclined towards self-healing. The psychotherapist's job, like that of the orthopaedic surgeon's, is to provide the conditions in which self-healing can best take place.

John Bowlby


Victoria Jane Childs is an integrative psychoanalytic psychotherapist and psychodynamic counsellor. A specialist in working with: 

- Bereavement and loss

-Addictions, phobias and stress

-Relationship, family and parenting issues

-Survivors of trauma and child abuse (physical, sexual and/or emotional)


Victoria Jane Childs has a BA in Literature and Classics, an MA in Psychoanalysis and a Diploma in Psychotherapy with Hypnosis from the National School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. She has trained with the Philadelphia Association (RD Laing school) and has trained and worked with Camden Bereavement Service as well as working, for over fourteen years, in private practice as a psychotherapist in Covent Garden and Harley Street, London. She teaches psychotherapy trainees at the Holistic Healing College in London and Hastings. She also works with parents and expectant parents in advocating natural birthing practices and non-coercive approaches to parenting.